Honorable Craftsmen

Upgrading Facilities

Reinvigorating an Existing Facility

A once strongly performing self storage facility has seen lower occupancy rates following the opening of several new facilities nearby. To combat this the owners launch a complete makeover of the facility, to mark its ten year anniversary

First we:

  • Walk the facility with the owner, discussing potential areas of improvement, pros and cons of courses of action, and recent trends in the industry

After a decision from the owner, we:

  • Replace the damaged siding with new T1-11 siding, painting it to match the existing facility
  • Repaint unit roll up doors
  • Install 6" protective bollards at corners of building to reduce wear and tear on the facility
  • Install magnetic locks on doors
  • Turn several low demand 10' x 10' units into high demand 5' x 5' units

Every quarter we:

  • Replace siding, paint interior and exterior of facilities, install protective bollards, waterproof units, and remix sites