Honorable Craftsmen

Gate and Fence Fabrication

Custom Built to Last a Lifetime

A twenty year old lift gate is now a safety risk. If it will open in the morning is anyone's guess and a light breeze causes it to shake...

That week we:

  • Use our experience fabricating and installing gates at over one hundred sites to develop a way forward that meets the site's requirements and the owner's goal
  • Fabricate a wrought iron slide or swing gate in our Denver area welding shop, using American steel. Fabricating our own gates allows us to provide a custom gate for each customer, so we can account for changes in grade, the size of the drive, and the use of the gate
  • Install the gate itself, then tie it into the existing access control system

We  build and install:

  • Wrought iron slide and swing gates and fence
  • Keypad bollards (8" wrought iron tubes to mount keypads to, that protect them from vehicle damage)

We install

  • Chain link fence
  • Lift gates, including Sun Power and Autogate brands
  • Gate operators and gate safeties (photo eyes, ground loops, and Miller's Edges)